Why Use NDOT

Increasing claims of negligent hiring have been brought against the transportation industry. To reduce your risk these issues must be addressed before an accident occurs. A company accused in a lawsuit of failing to properly screen, train, and discipline it’s drivers will be required justify their actions. Adherence to FMCSA record keeping requirements should be the absolute minimum.

By participating in the NDOT program you will rest assured that your screening meets FMCSA guidelines. Pairing this with a comprehensive criminal background screen will allow your company to provide the highest standard of screening to prevent negligent hiring.

The consequences of negligent hiring include fines, and personal injury ranging from severe injury, disability, or death. The trucking company is liable for the driver’s negligence, and the screening process necessary to keep unsafe drivers from operating a big rig truck.

It is never too late to make changes today that will reduce your liability for an accident that happens tomorrow.